Florida SHOTS Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Florida SHOTS Login:

The Florida SHOTS Login Process:

1. In order to log in successfully, you should make sure you find yourself on the right login page. The proper page is linked here: https://www.flshots.com/flshots/Signin.csp This login can help you get into your account through a three-step login process.
2. The first information you need to input into this site is your Organization Login ID.
3. Put your Username into the Username section.
4. Lastly, type your password into the password section carefully. If you don't pay attention to what keys you are pressing, you may end up typing in the wrong password without intending. If you do, you will have to put all your information back in again.
5. There is a small grey button marked "login" underneath the three boxes you typed information into. Press this button or simply hit the enter button on your keyboard when all your information is entered in. This will log you in, if your three boxes were filled in correctly. If they were not, and you suspect that your password is the problem, or if you simply want to change your password, refer to the instructions below.


Resetting your Password with Florida SHOTS:

1. Conveniently enough, the login page you were instructed to visit in step one of the instructions for logging in will be the best place to start for the reset.
2. There is a link that says "forgot your password?" under all the login information. Click on this link and you will be taken to the next page.
3. You will still need most of your login information to log in, so keep them near if you have them written down. The first part you need is your Organization Login ID. Type this into the first box.
4. After this is done, you need to type your username into the space marked "user name."
5. For some reason, the intuitive position of the submit and the back buttons are switched. Move your mouse to the left hand grey button, and click on it to apply for a new password.
6. The page that you will be taken to will give you further instructions on how to fully replace your password. Follow these instructions carefully, and you should be logged into your Florida SHOTS account in no time.

Contact Information for Florida SHOTS:

1. Call at:
(877) 888-SHOT(7468)
2. Fax at: (850) 412-5801
3. E-Mail at: flshots@doh.state.fl.us
4. Mailing Address:
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A-11
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1719